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Let yourself be pampered ...

After an active vacation day nothing is more relaxing for your muscles than to enjoy a pleasant massage.
Whether you prefer the classic full-body massage, a revitalising Hot Stone Massage or a tasty body butter massage - our diverse massage offer leaves nothing to be desired.
Our extraordinary massages ease muscle tensions, open blockades and provide for new energy and vitality.


Classic Full Body Massage
Classic full body massage to loosen the musculature system and release tension
50 min.€ 56,00
Classic Partial Body Massage
A back, neck or leg massage
25 min.€ 36,00
Relaxing massage
The massage consists of gentle stroking massage techniques and circling movements. It supports deep relaxation and activates the healthy vital spirits of the body.
45 min.€ 50,00
Aromatic oil massage
Aromatic essential oils of your choice can enrich our lives. They free from stress and revive your health.
60 min.
25 min.
€ 60,00
€ 38,00
Head and face massage
The head reflects the reflex areas of the whole body. Gentle massage techniques ease cramps and tensions.
This pleasant head massage helps to reduce stress.
25 min.€ 30,00
Foot reflexology
The feet reflect our body. Thanks to the massage of the reflex areas tensions are eased, self-healing powers are activated and pains are reduced.
40 min.€ 45,00
Lymph drainage
The lymph drainage is an ideal purging and decongesting therapy. The increased lymph flow removes metabolic products out from the tissues.
50 min.
25 min.
€ 50,00
€ 28,00
Massage mix
You can choose from two different massages according to your taste.
50 min.€ 56,00
Relaxing arolla pine massage
Warm arolla pine oil and a classic full or partial body massage with pleasantly warm pillow with arolla pine scent. The arolla pine gives us vegetative regeneration, calm, peace, wellbeing, strength and the brilliant aroma of the Alps.
30 min.
50 min.
€ 40,00
€ 60,00
Magic arolla pine - arolla pine peeling35 min.€ 35,00
The height of feelings
Let yourself be inspired by the strength of nature.

Back massage with St. John’s wort oil
Balm for skin and nerves
Facial massage with mountain crystal
Stones give strength and energy
Head massage with mountain arnica tonic
Refreshes and promotes blood flow
Warm pillow to relax

50 min. € 62,00
Find your inner calm
Let go and arrive! Wellbeing foot massage, relaxing back massage, de-stressing head massage and afterwards ear candle treatment.
60 min. € 70,00
Après Ski Massage
Allow yourself a pleasant and loosening feet and leg massage with animating St. John’s wort oil after a marvellous day in the mountains.
30 min.€ 38,00
Honey massage
The honey massage is a purging treatment to detox and regenerate body and soul. Muscles are eased and blood flow is increased. It harmonizes the energy flow, has a positive effect on the nervous and immune system, improves the skin complexion and is a very effective massage for the connective tissue (toxins and harmful metabolic products are removed).
30 min.
45 min.
€ 40,00
€ 60,00
Acupuncture massage
Thoughts can move mountains. Thoughts are energy and produce energy. Through thoughts energy flows. The energy flows on well known paths - the so called meridians. Thanks to the acupuncture massage, which is adapted to your individual body needs, the energy flow is re-balanced. YIN and YANG are balanced.
35 min.€ 40,00
Salt on my skin!
Regain your inner calm thanks to this relaxing natural salt peeling. In combination with the subsequent massage with melting body butter you enter the world of dreams. Choose between rose, mango-seabuckthorn, coconut-vanilla and chocolate.
55 min.€ 65,00
Alpine Stone massage
The Hot Stone massage is the perfect combination of massage, energy treatment and pleasant hot stones. The whole body is recharged with energy and a positive spirit.
50 min.
80 min.
€ 60,00
€ 90,00

Feel the nature
• back peeling with alpine herbs of the region
• back massage with first-class oils
• hot stones
• head and feet massage with arnica tonic

An extraordinary combination that brings body and mind back into harmony.

60 min.€ 68,00




Here you find all information how to arrive at our hotel as fast as possible!

Have a safe trip!


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The association Marco Polo Alpina has been founded in 1970 and has currently 1200 active club members. The club is the sole stakeholder of a limited company, at which all members are also co-owners of the Hotel Alpina. Every club member owns one ore more time shares for a specific apartment for a fixed week of the year. Thanks to international exchange pools every member has the possibility to enter their time share to the exchange pool offering it to other members and in return he also has free access to apartments of the same value all over the world.

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